Principal’s Pen – Summer Edition

All I can say is Wow and Thank You! The 2014-2015 school year in Cougar Country has been amazing! I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you for such a great school year here at Cotswold IB World School. It has been amazing watching our students learn and grow daily.

The commitment and dedication this entire community has shown to Cotswold this year has been exciting to watch! We have all enjoyed the events that make Cotswold so special and a few moments that I would like to highlight would be: Family Spirit Nights, the Barnes and Noble Concert, the Fabulous Fall Parties, the Wonderful Winter Concert, January’s Read A-Thon and Math-A-Thon, February’s Friendship Celebrations, The Daddy Daughter Dance, The GOTR 5K, The Mother Son Event, Talent Shows, The Kindergarten Art Gallery, The First Grade Diamond Del, Second Grade Math Night, The Third Grade Inventions, The Fourth Grade Raleigh Trip, The Fifth Grade Camp Hanes Trip, The Fifth Grade DC Trip, Run for Change, Boosterthon and Celebrate Cotswold!

The Staff at Cotswold is truly amazing! The dedication and hard work of the Staff has not gone unnoticed. Our staff and school have been recognized this year by the District, the State and the Nation. We continue to win grants and awards that let everyone know that we have the best staff in CMS and that we are the best Elementary Magnet School
in the Nation!

As we are planning for next school year I wanted to highlight a few new things that will be happening at Cotswold next year!

  • Students will be allowed to enter the building at 8:45 next year.
  • All walkers will be released from the Linda Lane exit next year.
  • The front of the building will only be used for car riders, no walkers will be released from the front of the building due to heavy construction on Colwick for future building projects.
  • All 3rd-5th grade students will be on a 10 point grading scale based on a new grading policy adopted by CMS.

As many of you know The Hash Family is expecting a Precious Baby Boy this summer! Although I will not be on campus to start the school year I will return in late October. The interim for my maternity leave will be confirmed later in the summer.

Again Cotswold Family I just want to say thank you for an amazing school year and remember the BEST IS YET TO COME!!!!

Thank you and enjoy your summer,
Alicia Hash

PTA End of Year Wrap Up

It has been a privilege to serve as the PTA President this year. It has been amazing to see the dedication and commitment from not only our wonderful staff, but from all of the parents and community partners that have given countless number of volunteer hours and generous amounts of financial support to our school. As I reflect on the year I want to share just a few of the many highlights.

  • Fundraising:
    • Commit to Cotswold – We exceeded our goal and raised $62,000!
    • Boosterthon – In our second year, we exceeded our goal and raised $32,000.
    • Community Partners – We received and raised in excess of $15,000 by supporting area restaurants and retailers on family nights/weekends.
    • Corporate Rebates and Cougar Kickback Cards – By using our VIC cards, Target cards, and Amazon Smile, as well as purchasing cougar kickback cards, we raised over $4,000.
  • What our fundraising efforts contributed to the school:
    • Will purchase 30 new chrome books
    • Sent 19 teachers to the Ron Clark Academy for Professional Development
    • Provided numerous book sets for classrooms
    • Purchased 2 more soccer goals for outside recess
    • Purchased risers for the music department
    • Added landscaping outside of the learning cottages
    • Provided $8,000 in teacher grants
    • Paid for author visits
    • Supplemented all field trips
  • Other ways we were able to support the school:
    • Provided 1,720 backpacks for snacks throughout the year
    • Fed over 850 meals at our 3 Meet and Eats
    • Had fun-filled nights at the Daddy Daughter Dance with over 500 participants and the Mother- Son Outing, with 270 participants
    • Held a successful Reading Rocks celebration with 378 participants
    • Held our first International Night with over 300 attendees
    • Trained 33 mentors who then dedicated their time and energy to our children every week
    • Held 9 Staff Appreciation events, in addition to Staff Appreciation Week
    • Recognized 8 teachers as Employees of the Month
    • Held our first Parent Night Out as a social event for parents

As you can see it has been an amazing year. We could not have done any of this without your support of the PTA. Thank you, again, for your gift of time and money. Together we make Cotswold a special place for our children to learn and grow every day. I hope you have a safe and restful summer!

Sherese Smith

Barnes & Noble Event extended until 6/13!

Cotswold Elementary and Barnes and Noble partner together for Summer Reading Fun! It’s as easy as A..B..C…

A) Shop at Barnes and Noble and a percentage of sales (including coffee shop and gift card purchases) will be donated to the school when you mention Cotswold.  Choose books from the teacher recommended summer reading list for your grade or donate a book for your classroom library and help raise money for Enrichment Programs. (Check store for excluded items). Use Cotswold Code – 11616703

See this list for your grade’s book recommendation

B) Ask friends and family to shop in-store or online thru 6/13, and to use Cotswold Code – 11616703 to make their purchases so they can help raise money for our school. It’s a great time to purchase birthday gifts, staff/teacher gifts and grad gifts!

C) Earn a free book from Barnes and Noble …here’s how

1) Read any 8 books and record them in a B&N Reading Journal.

2) Bring the completed Reading Journal to your local B&N store (Morrison Road Location).

Summer Safety Tips from the Nurse

Summer means lots of kids will be playing outdoors, but it’s important to keep a safe-ty checklist in mind to keep kids safe while they’re having fun. Here are some great tips to keep in mind for kids’ safety. Post this safety check-list on your fridge or family bulletin board as a reminder of ways you can keep your kids safe and prevent inju-ries or accidents from intrud-ing on your family’s summer fun.

Practice Sun Safety

  • Apply sunscreen.
  • Get some sun-protective clothing.
  • Shop for some cool shades.

Protect Against Bugs

  • Use insect repellents to guard against ticks, which can carry Lyme Disease, and mosquitoes, which can carry the West Nile Virus and other viruses.
  • Wear long sleeve shirts and long pants when going outside, particularly at dusk when mosquitoes are more likely to be present.
  • Never leave stagnant pools of water around the house.
  • Avoid using scented soaps or perfumes on your child.

Prevent Dehydration

  • It’s important to keep in mind that frequent water breaks are very important to prevent dehydration.
  • Your child should drink water before exercise and during breaks, which should be about every 15 to 20 minutes. On particularly hot and humid days, it’s also a good idea for parents to spray down kids with some water from a spray bottle.

Don’t Forget Helmets

  • Your child should wear a helmet whenever she is on anything with wheels, such as a scooter, bicycle, or roller skates. A helmet is the most important device available that can reduce head injury and death from a bicycle crash, according to Safe Kids USA.
  • Be sure to set a good example by always wearing your helmet when riding your bike.

Practice Food Safety

Food borne illnesses increase in the summer because bac-teria grow faster in warmer temperatures and humidity. On top of that, more people are eating and preparing food outdoors, at picnics and barbecues, where refrig-eration and places to wash hands are not readily availa-ble.

To prevent food borne illnesses:

  • Be sure to wash your hands before preparing or serving any food..
  • Never cross-contaminate.
  • Consider the temperature.

Guard Against Drowning

Each year, more than 830 children ages 14 and under die as a result of accidental drowning, and an average of 3,600 children are injured in near-drowning incidents. Between May and August, drowning deaths among kids increase by a whopping 89 percent. If you have a swim-ming pool or if your child will be near one, it is crucial to put multiple safety measures in place to keep kids safe.

  • Put barriers around the pool to restrict access.
  • Never leave kids unsu-pervised.
  • Do not use flotation devices.
  • Learn CPR.
  • Learn about the dangers of secondary drowning, which can happen on dry land, hours after a child inhales water into the lungs.

Avoid Trampoline Danger

Some trampoline safety tips:

  • Never leave kids unsupervised.
  • Never let more than one child use the trampoline at a time